Exterior Restoration with Slurry Blasting



A commercial restaurant operation was in need of a specialized cleaning solution to remove exposed tar, a caulk line, and years of paint from various portions of the exterior of their building.

Old awnings and a tired paint color left a less than desirable appearance and modernization of the exterior was a critical element of their renovation goals.

As an experienced media blasting company, DANE Contractors recommended a technology called "slurry blasting" to effectively and efficiently remove the unsightly building materials. Brick work was restored to "like new" conditions and the exterior improvements complimented the overall appearance they were seeking.

Whether your project entails facility management, industrial cleaning, vandalism, or renovation, media blasting offers a cost efficient means to handle your needs.

From simple power washing to more specialized methods such as dry ice blasting and slurry blasting, DANE Contractors is your solution for all your media blasting needs.