Water intrusion in a commercial structure requires immediate response.

It is critical to assess migration patterns and the affected building materials.

For the safety of the occupants, a recovery plan must be responsive and thorough. From your initial contact to the professionals at DANE, you will find a better level of expertise, support, and advocacy that makes a difference for you now, and in the future.

Water damage requires thorough knowledge and experience to handle the complexities of moisture migration. An appropriate drying process must be employed for each specific occurrence. 
DANE Contractors will provide any necessary reconstruction stemming from water damage. 

Assuring a ‘Healthy and Safe’ environment

Assuring a ‘Healthy and Safe’ environment


  • 24/7 emergency first response service
  • Anti-mold disinfecting
  • Safe return to a normal environment
  • Content cleaning and storage
  • A comprehensive, timely recovery plan