Disaster Strikes, DANE Responds


Imagine awakening to the frightful crack of a tree falling and crashing into the house.

Branches and limbs penetrate roofing materials and framing structures collapse. Drywall and insulation are spread throughout the damaged portions of the interior. Portions of the electrical system may be compromised.

Rainfall is now entering the home soaking walls and ceilings and damaging flooring materials.

Chaos ensues.

When life changes quickly you can count on the professional staff at DANE Contractors to respond immediately and begin the process of restoring normalcy.

It is imperative that the structure is stabilized and temporary repairs are made to ensure the safety of the occupants. Once these objectives have been achieved, a thorough structural analysis and scope of repairs is determined to facilitate restoration.

As we carefully guide you through the restoration process, our staff will interface with appropriate insurance representatives to ensure a smooth transition and return to normalcy.

The unique needs of each homeowner is DANE Contractor’s top priority. During the restoration process, any desired renovations or modernization will be addressed.