Vehicle Impact Reconstruction by DANE

Disaster can happen at a moment's notice.

Distraction, avoidance, loss of concentration, health issues are all contributing factors for vehicle accidents.

Whether a home or commercial building, the first response team at DANE is ready 24/7 to quickly mitigate damage and restore normalcy from the ensuing chaos.

Safety of the occupants and structural stability are the primary factors when responding to a vehicle impact.

Once conditions are deemed safe, temporary repairs can be initiated to secure the structure. A comprehensive scope of permanent repair work is then created to bring the structure to pre-existing conditions.

The professional staff at DANE Contractors can provide full restoration of the structure and assist with any insurance company interaction. Our team will provide…

  • Damage inspection and assessment

  • Debris cleanup and removal

  • Boarding up and tarping of compromised areas

  • Stabilization and repair of the affected structure

  • Reconstruction of framing, doors and windows

  • Painting and refinishing of reconstructed areas