"Help! A Tree Fell on My House!"

Wind damage really took a toll on this suburban home, as a massive hundred year old tree broke in half and landed on the roof.

The major interior and exterior structural damage required restoration to the entire home.

The architecture and design of the house were key elements to be carefully assessed and included in its restoration. At this property, DANE wind damage specialty services included:

  • DANE 24/7 first response team mitigation of damage – home and contents secured

  • Analysis of structural conditions

  • Design, drawings, and specifications of all needed areas

  • Contents care and restoration

  • Restoration of the entire exterior of the home to include architectural detail

  • Restoration of interior walls, electrical, finishes to interior and floors

  • Communication advocate to the insurance company

When this type of emergency occurs, you need an experienced, thorough operation to take the burden of such a complicated problem off of you. You deserve assurance and peace of mind throughout the process.

Contact DANE today to handle the entire situation in a carefully measured, meticulously planned manner. We're here to help!