DANE Contractors cares about Integrity.

We want you to know that your structure's long term integrity is important to us.

Eliminating contaminants from a Structure resulting from smoke after a fire is a critical step to a safely restored home. Carbon is unhealthy to breathe or live in. It is of priority and importance to the health and safety of all who occupy the structure day in and day out.

Eliminating the fire residual odor forever is what we do!

The Finishes to a restored structure are pleasing to the eye. However, these are only as lasting and valuable as the restoration process implemented to
the framing and built assembly systems, that have been adversely exposed to smoke, odor and the resultant contaminants.

DANE provides the unique ZerOdor limited lifetime warranty against any reoccurring smoke or odor smell.

This applies to all specific areas of the structure ( only) that have been treated by DANE with the permaseal system. If any of the treated areas effect any reoccurring odor, DANE will retreat the involved area at no cost to you.

This warranty is transferable. This warranty involves retreatment to the involved area of concern. This warranty does not include any other repairs other than the process of Permaseal to the area of concern. Full access is needed to assure best results.